Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)
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Voice A: I don't wish to quarrel with you, Finch, but speaking as a representative of her Majesty's armed forces, I take the most particular exception--
Voice B: You want me to tell you something? As far as I'm concerned the whole British race is practically finished. If it hadn't been for lend-lease. If we hadn't have kept your whole country afloat by giving you billions that you never even said "Thank you" for, the whole phony outfit would be sunk right under the Atlantic years ago.
Voice A: Are you saying something against America?
Voice B: Against it? I should be positively astounded to hear anything that could be said FOR it. Why the whole bloody place is the most unspeakable matriarchy in the whole history of civilization! Look at yourself! The way your wife and her strumpet of a mother push you through the hoop!
Voice A: And I give you my word. I wanted to stop for you, my wife wanted to stop for you, he wanted to stop for you. But tell him, tell him how my mother in-law made us drive right by him...
Voice B: Listen, anything you got to say about your mother in-law, you don't have to explain to me. You know what I mean? Like if she were the star of a real crummy horror movie, I'd believe it.
Voice A: If you think we're really the first ones here, why don't we make a deal? The four of us? You don't know where to look. We don't know where to look. So we'll look together. We'll find it before the others. Incidentally, where are all the others?
Voice B: How come you two just got here? You had the plane.
Voice A: It's in this box, buried under this (coughs) big W. Buried under this big W. You'll see it. You'll see it under this.. under this big W. You can't miss it. A big,.. A big W. And it's been layin' there... it's been layin' there for 15 years.

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